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Who said that watchmaking must necessarily be classic? There are fashion houses that make the few millimeters of dial available a canvas on which to paint incredible as well as surprising works of art. After all, traditionally, it is just like "objects of wonders" that the first watches were born. It is no coincidence, therefore, that it is precisely the haute horlogerie houses, especially the small independent realities, but not only, who choose this path to create their own novelties. These are undoubtedly exceptional and surprising pieces, able to attract the attention replica watches of the finest connoisseurs, ready to ask "what do you wear on your wrist"?!? After all, the beauty of creating an elite product is just that: being able to give yourself the luxury of not necessarily having to please the masses.

Let's start with the color of the dial: purple, unconventional in fashion, a real (forgive the pun) white fly in watchmaking. Conceived by Jean-François Mojon and Kari Voutilainen, the LM2 is characterized by two completely independent escapements, joined by a central planetary differential which reads the average speed to indicate hours and minutes. The movement is manually wound.

The name of this line betrays its ambition to create amazement. Suggestive as unexpected the indication of the information, obtained through the same baguette movement, a flying carrousel that rotates around its axis replica omega watches. In addition, this family raises the bar of customization possibilities through a new service, which allows you to work on 22 of its components.