The hunger for luxury replica watches

"It was a type of study that I wanted to undertake from high school, but guidance experts told me it was no longer a viable career," adds Alex.

A couple of decades ago, there would have been more possibilities for watch-obsessed high schoolers like Mark, Erik and Alex. The reality is that the number of schools that train new replica watchmakers in the United States is decreasing. Over the past decade, those of Oklahoma State, which have operated for 72 years, and Saint Paul College in Minnesota, have closed. According to the replica Breitling Herald Tribune, 44 watchmaking schools existed in 1975 in North America. Now there are only 9 left, including Patek Philippe's.

Larry Pettinelli, CEO of Patek Philippe replica watches in the United States, explains that the 1970s were the turning point for the watch industry. At the beginning of that decade, quartz was invented in Japan, an inexpensive and easy-to-manufacture digital mechanism that flooded the market. "Everyone immediately thought that the mechanical replica watch industry would die," says the CEO. "So the students have moved to other areas." And without new enrollments, schools have started to close. This is the problem of Patek Philippe, creator of some of the most extravagant replica watches uk in the world. One of his high-end models, the type that the rapper Future mentions in his songs, is known as the "Great Complication". By "complication" in a watch is meant the addition of an additional feature in addition to the mere calculation of the hours, minutes and seconds.

A Patek marks the month, the day, the week and, just to show off a little, the phases of the lunar cycle. It is a brand that identifies a real complicated watch par excellence. The most expensive ever sold at auction is a pocket specimen with 24 complications, including a map of the stars of New York City, indicators for sunrise and sunset and an alarm that reproduces the chimes of Big Ben. A Patek Philippe replica watchessold for $ 24 million. To make things more difficult for Patek's business there is the obstinacy in wanting to build an increasing number of his complicated replica watches. On the world watch market, its value is 67.9 million dollars and it is growing thanks, in particular, to the hunger for luxury replica watches.