The replica watches industry is complex, identifying genuine and fake watches

Inside the Manhattan laboratory, where the most complicated, expensive and celebrated replica watches in the world of rap music are born, everyone wears white Crocs. Thirty-one pairs of hygienic shoes peek out from the counters, where replica Patek Philippe's platoon of watchmakers work hunchbacked with one of the 10,000 pieces that pass through the workshop every year both for routine maintenance and for the repair of damage caused by competitors unscrupulous. We try to run for cover to the shrewdness of someone who used a paperclip instead of an original piece.

Through a rear door you pass into a smaller room equipped with a projection enlarger where six young men with the beauty and enthusiasm typical of their twenty years are waiting. They are the components of the current class that forms the replica Patek Philippe watches course, established by the well-known brand and offered free of charge to students. This is not a choice made at random, but a short circuit between the need due to a growing demand for increasingly complex replica watches and an offer almost nothing on the labor market of skilled workers. A situation that forced fake Patek Philippe to create a real rescue program for the replica watches makers' endangered species.

"I would have liked if replica watches someone at school had directed me towards a watchmaker's career," says Mark, one of the students. "Unfortunately in the United States it was considered a dying industry in America."