Precautions for disassembling mechanical replica watches

Patek wants to meet the new demand and so its brand has recently increased production, going from 50 thousand to 60 thousand pieces per year. The cost of each varies from more than 10 thousand dollars up to 110 thousand dollars, not to mention the dizzying figures for custom-designed replica watches. Patek is committed to delivering each of these pieces focusing on the credibility of its brand. Each watch is sold with the guarantee that for any problem it will always be refurbished. Advertising campaigns promise those who have never owned a replica Patek Philippe the chance to have it as new until the next generation. "But to maintain that vow, Patek must train the next generation of replica watchmakers," explains Pettinelli. "In the end, customers could complain fake Rolex about paying 30,000, 40,000 or $ 50,000 for a replica watch when it takes two years to get it serviced."

So, in 2015, Patek launched the program to train his new replica watches makers. About 380 people applied and now six of them work full time in the laboratory. In view of his second batch of specialists, he hired a head hunter to filter all applications with extreme care. There were so many aspirants eager to attend the course that executives had to examine a stack of 420 resumes. The lack of work has killed most watchmaking schools in the United States, but interest in the Patek program is growing, a sign that bodes well beyond the current explosion in the market for future generations.

As soon as you walk through the door of replica Patek Philippe's laboratory, you have the feeling of being a bit like Alice entering Wonderland. Everything is reduced, including the tiny and adorable versions of screwdrivers, hammers and screws so small and delicate that they bend at the slightest amount of pressure. There are screws so microscopic that they can easily be mistaken for dust spots. I observe Laurent Junod, who has been collaborating with Patek for over 30 years and now runs the school, while using a pair of tweezers to rip a screw off the table as if he were using chopsticks to grab a California roll. On the day of my visit during a lesson, I watch the students busy working on a generic movement of "a small women's mechanical replica watches", as Junod explains to me. The next day there would be a test on the subject.