Choose more time is a steel case and button fake watches

First, the material is a gold shell steel shell, an aluminum shell, a copper shell titanium outer shell alloy, a plastic shell, a wooden shell, and the like.

We often come across watches that use and choose more time for steel cases and buttons. But what you don't know is that many hours of claiming that they are all made of steel are actually made of copper. Copper (also known as stainless steel case) has more than a few cheaper cases, making it more profitable than a full-steel watch. As a result, many businesses struggle to attract the attention of fake watches buyers and “charge with steel” at very low prices.

Therefore, in this paper, a brief introduction to the demarcation method between all steel sheets and semi-stopwatch is proposed:

1. The body covering the all-steel case is dark when it is bright, and the case is round and has no sharp feeling. The lid of the copper pillowcase is bright white with sharp edges and angles at the back of the ear. Lines vary in depth and depth and they are free to position. The case of the all-steel watch is very good, uniform, compact and tidy.

2. At the corner of the surface ear (can be tested on the inside of the back of the ear), gently wipe it with a knife over a short distance. If the interior is yellow, it is an outer casing made of copper.

3. The copper bell case has low corrosion resistance, and after a period of unsatisfactory maintenance, the replica rolex coating is slightly discolored (yellowing or reddening), foaming or peeling off.