The main raw material for Swiss automatic mechanical replica watches

The main raw material for Swiss automatic mechanical fake watches is the production of different types of hours of lead. Silver steel strips are used to make box boxes, strip covers and lead brass rods for watch wheels. This makes nickel and copper white materials that are used to turn the wheels and indeed cause brass plates and material tires, hubs and fork slots. Nickel-based alloys are used to make hair made of nickel, chrome and aluminum-chromium stainless steel. The raw materials used to make the parts of the jewelry are mainly alumina, brass with needles, glass fake watches surface glass, steel wheels and high quality carbon tools and various parts of the steel strip surface and are made of chrome-nickel stainless steel or chrome for nickel Titanium stainless steel, etc.

The structure of the mechanical counter has more than a thousand production processes. The granules, in addition to wool, silk, artificial pearls and made by the factory's professional replica watches, including drill bits, drill bits to make shockproof devices, will drive and the rest of the plants produced by stolovigny. Most of the time the clock runs on the automatic lathe to complete the workpiece and then replica rolex performs multiple processing operations. Finally, they are polished, tempered, tempered and galvanized.

There are more than 200 treatments for bell tires. Each feather will be machined by stamping, milling, drilling and a beautiful car. Finally, nickel-cobalt alloys are galvanized on the busbar to prevent corrosion and increase aesthetics. The last part of the fake clock is the wheel of the entrance, the plug of the slot and the balance wheel. Clock quality has a large impact on the clock fake rolex watches and should be handled strictly. All parts of the table must be inspected, selected and assembled in a clean store. The collection clock should be qualified according to the Ministry of Education and quality standards and they can be tested before release from the plant.