Rolex replica watches can be said to be a well-known watch brand

Rolex replica watches can be said to be a well-known watch brand, even if most people who don't know watches know Rolex. The history of the development of Rolex replica watches is closely related to the name of the founder Hans Wilsdorf. It was officially registered with the Rolex trademark on July 2, 1908, and also marked the birth of the first batch of Rolex watches.

I doní»t know if you have noticed that there is a Tudor watch store near most of the Rolex watch stores. In fact, this is not a weird thing, there is a reason. This is mainly because Tudor watches and replica Rolex watches are both watch brands of the Rolex Group. The four top groups in the Swiss watch industry are the Swatch Group, the Rolex Group, the Vendome Group and the Louis Vuitton Group. The watch brand of Di Tuo is also owned by Rolex, so there will be a Rolex icon on the back cover of Tudor replica watches. Di Tuo watches belong to the second-line brand of Rolex.

Although Tudor replica watches belong to the Rolex Group, but now the design of Tudor watches no longer imitates Rolex, but breaks the traditional shackles and begins to have some of its own models and features. Although Tudor watches still use the Rolex logo, the movement of the watch does not use the Rolex movement, but the ETA movement.

So which of these two watches is better? Which one is more expensive, of course, but this is not absolute. This requires us to accumulate experience in life. However, no matter what type of watch it is, it is necessary to pay attention to the daily maintenance and regular maintenance of the watch in use. Generally, luxury fake watches are best to be tested once a year and maintained every 3 years or so.